Postcards From Carmen

"Postcards from Carmen: A Fanzine" is a charity zine themed on postcards from around the world sent to you by Carmen and the gang!

Preorders are CLOSED.
We have moved into production phase so stayed tuned!

Email: [email protected]

About the Zine

"Postcards from Carmen: A Fanzine" is a fan-created zine focusing on the 2019 reboot of Carmen Sandiego. This is a non-profit/charity zine, meaning that money made from the zine will be donated to the ACLU after production costs are met and sales are completed.

You can contact us at our email: [email protected], or through our social media accounts.


This fanzine will feature artwork and written work inspired by travel postcards from around the globe, focusing on world travel, iconic landmarks, or locales in general. The theme can be loosely interpreted as needed. Each piece can have any characters from the show, including includes Team Red, ACME, or VILE.

The main idea is that these are a collection of postcards from around the world sent by characters from the show.

This zine will be entirely SFW/PG-13.

Zine Size

Our current plan is to accept 30 page artists, 5 writers, 6-8 merch artists, and a number of pinch hitters - for all positions - should any contributors drop out.

Each page artist will be responsible for one page of the zine. Writers will write 1-1.5k length fics, so that's an estimated 3 pages for each writer. Roughly, the zine contributors will produce 45~ pages of content total.

The number of contributors in each position can and may change. Due to that, zine's length may change as well.

Application Information

For quick reference for our applicant requirements/information and other details on the zine, go here.

Application Process

Contributor App Dates
Contributor Applications for artists, merch artists, and writers opened March 8th.
The applications closed on April 2nd.
On April 6th, applicants will receive their results via email.

Check the full schedule: here.

Zine Results

Upon acceptance into the zine, first-pick contributors will receive an email and be asked to fill out a Contributor confirmation form and join the zine Discord server.

Pinch hitters will receive an email, which will include an explanation of their expectations and a date, at the latest, that the Zine team will ask a pinch hitter to jump in as a contributor. Said deadline will be set with enough time in mind for a pinch hitter to create their contribution piece.


(subject to change based on COVID-19 production delays etc, will be updated!)

⬤ Interest Check: January 11, 2021 - Janauary 22, 2021

⬤ Moderator Applications: January 25, 2021 - February 12, 2021

⬤ Moderator Results: February 15, 2021

⬤ Contributor Applications: March 8, 2021 - April 2, 2021

⬤ Contributor Results: April 9, 2021

⬤ Check in 1: April 30, 2021

⬤ Check in 2: May 21, 2021

⬤ Check in 3: June 11, 2021

⬤ Finals due: July 5, 2021

⬤ Preorders Open: July 23, 2021

⬤ Preorders Close: August 23, 2021

⬤ Orders Ship: September 2021

Mod Team 🕵️

Lauren/Melon | Project Manager/Co-Staff Artist

"A postcard themed Carmen Sandiego zine has been my dream zine since the show aired! When the finale was announced I was inspired to finally make it happen.

I’ve been featured in many zines, but I am new to being in-charge of one.

Profesionally, I'm a plush toy designer."

Dean | Logistics/Customer Service Mod
Twitter | Tumblr

"Geography and culture have always been personal passions of mine, so Carmen Sandiego as a series is special to me for that. It's a pleasure to be a part of a fanzine for it!

A little bit more about me, I am a recent graduate of history, pursuing work in the archival field. In general, I try to keep organized and busy.
I am new to co-leading a fan zine.

For fun, I love to create far too many OCs, write, do traditional art, play video games, and tabletop games on-and-off. But most of all, I’m a Chase Devineaux fan first and a human being second. Although I'm also a major fan of Julia and Shadowsan too."

Dewy | Co-Staff Artist/Planner Mod

"I am a Freelance Character Artist, and Lead Character Artist for Wanderdoor Games.

In regards to Zines, I have been in SpongeBob Zinepants, Test Passed: An Octo expansion Zine , and Shakalaka BAM! Zine: A No Straight Roads Zine.

When I'm not gushing about cartoons and video games, I love to talk about Fashion. Most definitely Avant Garde pieces. Although I love all aspects of Carmen Sandiego, I'm mainly a Mime Bomb stan… probably because I like clowns… and I, too, am a clown."

Jason | Writer Mod
Instagram | Tumblr

"I’ve been obsessed with words ever since I can remember, so at the moment I’m pursuing a degree in writing. When I’m not in school, I’m hard at work on my first original novel, a young adult fantasy.

Carmen Sandiego surprised me with its excellent writing and well-developed characters. If I had to pick a reason I love this show, I’d point to Gray/Crackle; his arc is one of the best I’ve seen in cartoons."